About Myanmar

About MyanmarMyanmar (Burma) is a beautiful, exotic country in Southeast Asia, where enjoyable enchantment of her traditional culture and nature reverses remain intact. It has many names like Golden Land, Land of Immortality, and also Land of Gems. It is recognized as a tourist destination with a rich cultural heritage, blessed with a unique natural environment of snow-capped mountains, beautiful lakes, long river, lush tropical forests and unspoiled beaches.

Myanmar has the largest collection of remarkable tourist sights among all Southeast Asian Countries. More than 2,000 temples in Bagan is our response to Cambodia’s Angkor Wat. Tranquil Ngapali, Ngwe Saung Beaches, and over 800 undiscovered islands of Mergui Archipelago on the Andaman Sea is our counteroffer to crowded resorts of Thailand. Inle Lake, with its famous leg-rowers simply has no match in the region.

Myanmar is a perfect cultural and Eco-tourism destination in Asia, offering various kinds of tourism experiences to suit the needs of travelers. The visitors will never forget the friendliness and hospitality of Myanmar people who are always cheerful and ready to give helping hands.

The best time to travel to Myanmar to see its 135 ethnic groups and its cultures not spoiled yet by the western influence is now. Tomorrow it can be too late!

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